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The Sucker Punch, The Painting and Mary Poppins – SO HUM JOY
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The Sucker Punch, The Painting and Mary Poppins

The Sucker Punch, The Painting and Mary Poppins

Woosh, feel that?  That is the sucker punch of negativity taking your legs out from underneath you.  Life can get the best of even the most practiced, polished, enlightened uplifter and is more than a little challenging for this newbie, this aspiring uplifter.  It’s not even noon today and I am struggling with the yin and yang of my day.

On most days I wake up and spend the first few minutes resisting the urge to pick up my phone.  Picking up the phone means instantly moving from being present in the moment of anticipating what is in store for me to anticipating all that may or may not be right or wrong with the world outside.  Instant downer.   Instead, I lay there in that sleepy, warm, half-awake place thinking it wouldn’t matter how amazing my life is, how much passion I have for my work or how much I am anticipating the day, I don’t want to wake up, I don’t want to make this transition from groggy warmth to eye-open awareness.  It doesn’t matter if you are a great sleeper or a light sleeper, start snoring when your head hits the pillow or struggle with insomnia, sleep is peace.  That warm, groggy place is quiet solitude, sometimes the only bit of quiet solitude on offer.  I don’t care who you are, a few minutes in that place is pure bliss.

It is also the last moment to decide, to make a choice about how this new day will unfold.  At this moment, everything is a field of pure positivity.  It is in this place that you have the opportunity to take your gratitude brush out and paint on that base coat of gratitude for all that you are waking up with.  On some days you might feel gratitude for all manner of abundance in your life, on others it might just be gratitude for your soft, warm bed and the cup of coffee you know is in your future.  Whatever it is that day, paint it on thick with the broadest brush.

The next defense against the dark arts of negativity is a healthy dose of daydreaming combined with anticipation for what is in motion on your behalf.  On top of the base coat of gratitude paint in the beautiful vibrant colors of joy, daydreams, anticipation, pleasure, passion, laughter and the desires you hold in your personal vault of “what-ifs”.  We all have them.   Add to your canvas every single morning and watch your days shine, watch yourself flourish.  Step right into your painting and live it up, just like Mary Poppins and like Mary Poppins, become unflappable in the face of adversity.

So, back to my own struggle with the woosh! The dark arts of negativity are super sneaky.  I did all the unicorn and rainbow prep, I was feeling great, good make-up day, good hair day, nice outfit, ready early, on a Monday even.  Woot woot!  Then, poof, in a cloud of green smoke, negativity crept in.  First in small ways, ants on the kitchen counter (then crawling all over my arm), small spider crawling out of my keyboard when I started typing today.  Fine, no biggie, until irritating little ants and spiders in the form of problems, annoying people and just plain snafus start interrupting happy thoughts. Doubt and second guessing creeps in and before you know it, you hate your hair, you hate your body, your tired, not enough sleep, everyone is out to get you and the coffee is crap.  And, oh by the way, your life is spiraling out of control because you aren’t smart enough, didn’t work hard enough, aren’t fast enough or pretty enough ….blah blah blah and away it goes.  Mental and physical chaos ensues and the day is shot.  You are already looking forward to sleep and the following morning, in that groggy space, created just for you to set you intentions over again and hope for a better outcome, or at least that the coffee is better and that yummy unicorn and rainbow feeling lasts longer tomorrow.

Exactly the place I was in when I sat down to write this post.  Granted, I had already committed some of my dissatisfaction with loss of unicorns and rainbows so early in the day to my journal, however, still feeling a bit shall we say funky and frustrated I set my intention to write about it some more.  Funny thing happened on the way to this post though.  Just the anticipation of writing, of creating, of moving in a positive direction on behalf of my peace of mind changed the dynamic of my thinking.  The act of reaching for a better feeling thought made it more difficult to remember what had me so frustrated in the first place.  The daydreaming about what to write lifted me up and put my feet squarely back underneath me.  Feeling better already, the anticipation of the next good feeling thought and the next better feeling thought and the next, has me smiling.  Really, genuinely smiling.  Opening and expanding on the good feelings allowed me to get into a solution based frame of mind, rather than a problem based frame of mind about something really important to me but that I was feeling anxiety and nervous tension about.  As a check-in for me, an aspiring uplifter, I realize that the old well worn path would have been to the default position of anger at all the elements that were out of control and out to get me.  Then, to push that anger aside, and not feel the frustration and by not observing the feeling and feeling the emotion, stuff it down inside with all the other inconvenient emotions, without resolution.  By dragging the uncomfortable feelings into the sunshine and observing them I am able to determine that they no longer serve me.  And, since they no longer serve, they are bid adieu in favor of the good feelings that I prefer.  And, I am always reaching for the thoughts that I prefer.  I want to be happy!

Each time it happens I am always surprised and initially a little miffed that I am not in a place where my perspective is bullet-proof but then I remember that contrast is necessary.  I can’t change the chaos but I can change my reaction to it.  Even the smaller sneaky negativity that creeps in when you’re not looking. I can’t always control the circumstances but I am in possession of a magnificent gift.  The gift that keeps on giving in the form of choice.  I can choose how I feel.  I imagine this is what supercalifragilisticexpialidocious feels like.

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