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Summer Solstice 2018 – The What Was, The What Is and The What Will Be

Summer Solstice 2018 – The What Was, The What Is and The What Will Be

Summer Solstice 2018

May the sun illuminate you and may you continue to fly in love and light. – Litha Blessing

Summer is my favorite time of the year and the solstice one of my favorite days.  The world is just brighter, the energy lighter and more powerful at the same time.  On June 21st the Sun shifted into the sign of Cancer signalling the start of summer and summer solstice 2018 in the northern hemisphere.  The same way we keep track of the Moon, we track the cycles of the Sun. The word solstice is derived from Latin and translates to “Sun standing still”.  Shakespeare chose the enchantment of midsummer’s eve for A Midsummer Night’s Dream and used the term “midsummer’s madness” in Twelfth Night to convey the magical mystique of the summer solstice.  The solstice is a national holiday and day of feasting in Sweden and Norway. The sun is the center of our life force and power and on this day, the highest point of energy in the year, everything is illuminated.

I’m certainly feeling a bit of the Shakespeare’s “midsummer madness” heading into this solstice.

2018 brought with it a great promise.  Old patterns and paradigms are shifting both externally and internally, on a large social scale and as individuals.  Riding this energy, I started the year off with great promise personally, my creativity soaring, contentment and joy at levels unrealized for years.  My ability to share and be of service, to spread love and good will inspired and seemingly boundless.

Here’s the thing I want to share though, there is a gap that is created between the honeymoon of being a spiritual awakening newbie and the awakened soul standing on the other side .  A gap between the old world you and the exciting new world you.  A voyage of discovery fraught with all the highs and lows that come with a pilgrimage to a new land and the new land is you. To be honest, although I know that we never really get it done and that is a good thing, I do have a sense that on this interim growth spurt there is a delineation between what was, what is and what will be.

The What Was

Old habits and old belief systems live within our neural pathways and these unwanted super highways of information can be doggedly persistent and are extremely difficult to power down.  These are the storms of the voyage.  It is sunshine and smooth sailing one moment and the next, out of nowhere, comes a monster storm.  The storm interferes with newly formed, more positive, affirming ideas and habits by firing up and activating demons of the deep contained in the old neural pathways.  And just like that, the journey seems too dangerous to pursue and our lizard brain convinces us to stay in the comforting port of past habits, numbing patterns and old belief structures.  We doubt the validity of the journey and doubt ourselves in countless ways.   I’ve made a life’s work of ignoring the dark whenever and however possible. Now, I try to embrace the storm and use the energy it provides.  My neural pathways tell me to turn back rather than meet the storm head on.  This leads to multiple re-starts and the wasted energy, pivoting back and forth from the past to the present is exhausting.  It is important to press on.

The What Is

And if I don’t find myself in the middle of a storm, it is the middle of the doldrums.  To me, this is worse than the dark and fiery energy of the storms because there is very low and dense energy associated with “The What Is”.  I know it is important to “be present” compared the alternative of phoning life in.  Fair enough and good plan.  However, in my opinion, there is a fine line in being present with energy and momentum that carries with it the anticipation of what is to come and the lower, dense energy of being focused on the “what is”.   The “what is” can focus us in on what’s missing and create an atmosphere of lack.  When we feel like something’s missing and we feel lack, we tend to get bogged down in it.  We tend to drift on the surface and lose track of our mindfulness practice.  If we’re not careful, this can trigger and fire up those old neural pathways and turn us around on our journey.  Nothing stops momentum like the “what is” – the doldrums of the spiritual voyage.

What Will Be

Nothing puts the wind in my sails faster than delicious anticipation of what is to come.  The “what will be” fuels me and builds all the momentum needed to keep going and to level up on this journey to joy.  The “what will be” is a collection of daydreams that gather steam and this is where the magic happens.  It is in this state of allowing that we act with love in our hearts and our life is illuminated.  The storms of “what was” and the doldrums of “what is” is replaced by the energizing and joyful, “what will be”.   It is in this place that we discover who we really are, we experience miracles and synchronicity, needs are met and dreams are realized.

The summer solstice energy is especially illuminating this year and everything is magnified.  This is prime time for getting outside, getting recharged in nature and pursuing activities that make us feel electric and alive.  This is the time to magnify old tapes, beliefs and patterns that are on loop, shine the light on them, infuse them with the sun’s powerful energy to transmute them into more positive and affirming thoughts, deeds and patterns.  On this special day, in this special season we may not be ready to think about the coming harvest yet, however, it’s worth noting that the seeds we planted during the spring are now in glorious full bloom.




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