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Let Your Feelings Guide You

Let Your Feelings Guide You

Happy weekend!
Ever notice instances when something you have been thinking about randomly shows up in your life?  Or, something randomly shows up and you realized it is exactly what you needed in that moment?  You know the saying, “you are everything I didn’t know I needed”.   Synchronicity is real.  It happens every day.  We create what we give our attention to.  Be it through prayer, meditation, affirmation, daydreaming, dreams in our sleep, conversation or as it happens, random thoughts.  It is automatic and we can either do it randomly or deliberately, either way, we are always creating what we give our attention to.
We get too hung up on what was or what is.  To be honest we are under a constant onslaught to consider information.  Much of it very negative.  This launches rockets of negative thought that are out of alignment with our core and we feel bad.  Simply put, if something or a thought feels bad, stop giving it your attention.
No need to shine a light on darkness, worry or fuss about what is, instead, dream about what could be.  Concentrate on what makes you feel good and you will feel even better.  Let how you feel guide you.  Flip the script.  If it feels good, do more of it, think more thoughts like it.  Pray and meditate on it until you smile.  Smiling is good for the soul.  Do it until you are shining like a beacon of pure positivity.
I’ve often been teased about my “Rose Colored Glasses”.  I think I’ve always known this is the way forward, now I am sure.
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