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High Five For Hygge

High Five For Hygge

Hygge Style

Oh Hygge, how I love thee!

I might be late to the party but I’ve been tuned in and tapped in to this form of relaxation for a long, long time. As long as I can remember.  It must come from my Scandinavian roots. I love to “take it easy”.  It’s in my DNA.  I freely admit it, I LIVE for this kind of cozy.

First, we have to get the pronunciation out of the way.  Hygge is HOO-GUH.   I want to hoo-guh with you, all day, every day.  Even the word is like a nice, warm cuddly hug.

Hygge is a Danish term . As I understand it, it can be described as the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. A calm, comfortable time with people you love, a complete absence of frustrations or anything emotionally overwhelming.  Often enjoyed with good food, drinks and candlelight.

When I think of hygge, I think of french bulldog puppies sleeping in my lap, hot Earl Grey tea and spending all day in cashmere joggers and slippers.  Hanging out in a bed of soft pima cotton sheets, faux fur throws, feather pillows and thick white down duvet.  Romantic novels, Downton Abbey marathons, log fires, macaroni and cheese with toasted breadcrumbs, french onion soup, chocolate chip cookies, crusty french bread, butter and jam.  Over stuffed sofas and thick floor pillows.   Fairy lights and aromatherapy.  With lovely friends or by myself, I am definitely an expert at this.  Perhaps I have a future as a hygge coach?

Many of the images and descriptions depicting hygge often imply that it is a winter-time pursuit.  The truth is, it is more about setting aside time to just do nothing, tuning out and turning off the outside world and focusing on quality time spent with family, friends and fur babies.  It can also be a solitary endeavor, as long as the focus is on the stress free and enjoyable quality of the time spent in this extreme form of relaxation.  The beauty is this feeling, of contentedness to others, to oneself, in harmony and with no other goal than comfort and pleasure can happen anywhere, at any time.


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