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The First Mercury Retrograde Of 2018 Is Upon Us – Mindfulness Is Key

The First Mercury Retrograde Of 2018 Is Upon Us – Mindfulness Is Key

Mercury Retrograde 2018

Mercury Retrograde 2018 – What Is It?

The first Mercury Retrograde 2018 is upon us.  When Mercury is in a fire sign as bold, beautiful and intense as Aries, (my BFF is a beautiful, intense Aries), mindfulness is key.  Mercury Retrograde 2018 is bound to be a challenge.  By employing Mindfulness, we can use this retrograde season to our benefit.  Benefit you say?  I say yes!

You can’t help but notice and experience miscommunication, technology and electronics related issues, travel headaches and traffic snarls. An overall feeling of walking through your day in lead boots.  In fact, it is day two of the two-day “red zone” of Mercury Retrograde station and already this morning, I’ve experienced gremlins in my email account and goblins in my cell phone.  To be honest, I used to be a doubting nay-sayer.  However, every single time I don’t keep track of the dates, gremlins appear to the point I am asking what’s up?  Is Mercury in retrograde again?  Every single time the answer is a resounding yes.   I don’t need a complicated explanation or proof, it just is.  For the next three weeks, buckle up, its bound to be a bumpy ride.

Mercury retrograde is recorded in astrology as far back as the mid-18th century. British agricultural almanacs of the time, indicate farmers planted crops with a mind to astrology dates, including Mercury in retrograde. In the Victorian spiritualism craze, interest in astrology had many believing that the stars affected the Earth in a variety of (often inconvenient) ways. Late 19th-century publications like The Astrologer’s Magazine and The Science of the Stars connected Mercury retrograde with heavy rainfall.    In any case, despite the hype, experiences vary and there is much to say about what you shouldn’t do during this time.  I prefer to focus on how to use it as a beneficial time of reflection and healing.

Mercury Retrograde 2018 – Mindfulness Is Key

So, there is no need to fall down the rabbit hole and succumb.  It is time to practice mindfulness.  First, it is a relief to be mindful of and acknowledge that annoying problems in business, travel and communication could in part be attributed to Mercury Retrograde (like a full moon).  You aren’t going crazy!  Having experienced the relief in acknowledgement of the cause, we can begin to use it to our advantage.

Mercury Retrograde isn’t good or bad, it is just a matter of how we choose to deal with it.  Using mindfulness and deliberation, by being reflective rather than reactive, times like these can be times of meaningful growth and expansion.

This retrograde season occurs with the very beginning of spring and is a time of renewal.  Time to renew our connections with others, especially those who may have been absent for a while.  Bring closure to loose ends and renew commitments we have made to ourselves.

This is a time to reassess.  To take stock and make an inventory of what serves us and release what no longer serves us.  Helping us start the new astrological year with fresh intentions.

It is a time for reflection.  The first Mercury Retrograde 2018 is an important start to a what is shaping up to be a powerful year of growth and expansion, especially for everyone engaged in healing, light-work and social justice.  This is the perfect time to reflect and appreciate where we have been and where we are heading.  What moves us?  Where does our passion lie  And, most importantly, to get quiet and listen to our inner voice, calling us, and cheering us on toward our destiny and our deepest desires.

The Aries energy with the Mercury Retrograde 2018 is intense and is a positive and powerful beginning to the astrological new year.  It is the perfect time to reinvigorate our dormant dreams.  To reach inside and dust them off and bring them up and out into the light of day.

There will always be these little gremlins about during Mercury Retrograde to remind us that “it’s that time again”, the truth is, we can use this energy for our own purposes. Take some time for self-care and reflection, assess and align, and use this intense and powerful energy to embrace the season of spring and set solid intentions for the rest of 2018.  This is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts.  The pages are blank and ready for the story to be told.  Own your story and make this the best year yet.  ~Namaste

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