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First Blog Post. Ever

First Blog Post. Ever

Welcome to So Hum | Joy!

Believe me, if you are reading this you have made my day, my year.  On this site you will find posts about joy, yes, but more specifically my quest to literally be joy.

I’m looking forward to sharing the ups and the downs that challenge joy. I’ve been writing drafts and considering which would “launch” my site about joy. Then calamity struck and we are faced with yet another mass murder event in our country. About 36 hours ago, a lone man, armed with dozens of firearms massacred almost 60 people at a country music festival in Las Vegas. Hundreds more were injured. Over 500 people shot in a single go. It is mind boggling.  I am never at a loss for words, and my Facebook feed is full of “thoughts and prayers” messages, yet this time I found it hard to communicate anything meaningful. Horrific seems too small a word. I just can’t wrap my head around how one person, clearly on a suicidal mission, gets to such an evil place and plans their exit this way.  Hundreds of families forever scarred by this tragedy. Nothing to do with joy. Why make this my first post?

I have been a news junkie my entire adult life. I am a considerable consumer of information.  I used to call it knowledge but now I realize it is just information, framed by someone else’s narrative. With the advent of the 24 hour news cycle and then social media, some of it useful, most of it not. Why not? Because it creates anxiety, depression, sadness, you name it, 99% negative, and most of all, is so divisive. Then recently epiphany struck, why do it? Why consume so much or any at all? The work became about creating joy, here, today, all day, every day. Before this event, I was well on my way to cutting down my consumption and was truly happier for it. Then this tragedy struck, really close to home and I was devastated, worried for friends at the concert, hearing stories of friends of friends or family that did not make it. I was nearly sucked into the minute-by-minute, 24 hour news cycle again. So tempting. I caught myself. Joy is more important, in fact, it is so necessary in the face of evil. I turned inward, not away from comforting those I love as needed, but inward and away from evil. So I pivoted and realized, it is so simple, I am my truly my thoughts. I choose what to think about instead of being told what to think about. I choose joy. So I hit my journal and wrote exactly what I want, what makes me happy.  I wrote about happiness, well-being, delight and love and how I choose to manifest that in my life, every minute of every day. I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to do so. The opportunity must not be shadowed by evil, grief and the 24 hour news cycle.  Focusing on that only brings more.  Instead, this is how we rise above and beyond and heal. So I just said no to consumption of negativity and I’ve got to tell you it was absolutely liberating!

So again, welcome and thank you.  I hope you will be back to share this adventure in pursuit of fun, laughter, wanderlust and of course joy!


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