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Chopra Guided Meditation

Chopra Guided Meditation

Chopra / Van Gogh

My meditation today is entitled “Creative Me”.  It is one in a series called Desire and Destiny, a twenty-one day daily meditation from Oprah and Deepak Chopra.

Last year, I could not stop thinking about meditating, I was compelled to it.  In my mind, it was as if I knew exactly what to do.  I didn’t of course. Having never meditated before, I had absolutely no idea how to get going.  Thankfully, via universal magic and miracles, this series found me.  I was just starting a twelve week program of self-study called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  It was positively amazing how much the series and the program complimented each other and the messages were in total lock-step.  I still marvel at how quickly the teaching resonated although I am not surprised anymore.  I was ready, to be ready, to be ready.  I was back in school and I’ve not looked back.  Seven months ago, I wasn’t thinking of playing, I wasn’t perceiving myself as a creator of anything and I sure as hell didn’t feel I was particularly successful.  Now, I am understanding that success isn’t something to “get”, it is something you feel.  My job isn’t to make it happen, my job is to feel it as it is happening.

Today’s centering thought from Deepak Chopra is I Play. I Create. I succeed.

PLAY.  As we get older we stop playing.  The kind of playing we did as kids.  Not a care in the world, no thought for how we looked doing it, no investment in the outcome.  We just played.  We lose this as we get older. Our society places no value on playing outside of childhood. In fact, if we see someone outside of childhood being goofy, or engaged in “child’s play” we tend to judge them with derision.   It can be argued we have even managed to schedule and regulate play time so much for children, they are being managed out of this pure and blissful state.  In this lesson, Chopra teaches that play opens the pathways for creativity to flow freely.  When we are playing our mind is free, we are feeling and not thinking.   We connect with the heart and instead of leading with the brain we make space for ideas.  It is in this place where that lightening bolt of inspiration strikes!  This is where transformative ideas and solutions are born, spontaneous thoughts turn into magnificent opportunities and we all become the creators we are meant to be.

CREATE.  When I was a child, I loved to read and to write.  Creatively.  I was a day dreamer.  I was so inquisitive and my imagination ran wild.  I didn’t lose my love of reading, but the majority of what I eventually was reading as an adult was job related and news.  I kept writing too, but mostly emails and texts.  My imagination developed a mind of its own definitely continued to run wild.  With all sorts of negative thinking.  Eventually and unfortunately this created all sorts of gremlins for me.  All thoughts of creativity a distant memory.  A combination of the guided meditation lessons and The Artist’s Way thankfully changed all that.  I learned that we are all creators.  We are creating our own life every single day.  While we don’t have control over what others create and how it affects us, we absolutely can create our own thoughts, our own feelings, our own actions in response.  Some situations are more difficult than others but I learned that if I practice this, at the very least I can create something new every day to feel good about.  Even if that is creation begins with thoughts of gratitude about what I am thankful for.  With this shift, I realized that we are all creators and we all have a gift.  Most of us have lost any connection to our gift or gifts.  We disconnected from them a long time ago in our quest to become perfect adults.  It can be singing, dancing, painting and writing.  It can also be decorating, sewing, baking, cooking and even organizing.  The list is endless and really doesn’t matter.  The gift doesn’t have to be monetized or recognized.  It just needs to make you feel good.  When I started journaling, I started writing about it.  Then, I started meditating and inspiration to do all sorts of creative things I used to do started flowing.  Sometimes I just color in a coloring book, or sing in the shower, it does not matter what or how I am creative, as long as I am creative, I am connected to me, my inner child, my true self.  That is where self-acceptance, self-love, self-appreciation is born and pure joy is the result.

If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. – Vincent Van Gogh

SUCCEED.  When we think of success, we think of climbing the corporate ladder, building a financially secure business, homes, cars and vacations.  Unfortunately we also think of fame, of celebrity, of models and actors and famous business people and hold them up as the measure of success.  How we can even measure success in this time and place in society boggles the mind.  Still, we are constantly measuring ourselves not only to our peers but to these ‘special people’ who have ‘made it’.  Wealth of unimaginable proportions is constantly on display.  Success by any standard is almost unattainable.  I’ve been climbing that ladder for sometime, I’ve had modest success by many’s standards, certainly by the old “traditional” standards.  There is nothing wrong with achievement, whatever it is, financial security, fame, recognition, material benefits, holidays.  In fact it’s all good and its all relative.

It only gets better though.  In this lesson I learned that the more I play, the more I create.  The more I create the more I trust in myself.  As I trust myself, I accept myself, I accept my gifts.  I get aligned and connected with my inner child and the path is one of less resistance and more abundance.  Abundance of satisfaction, happiness and love.  I know that I can’t live on that, but I know that the rest will come.

The Sanskrit Mantra for today’s meditation supplied by Deepak Chopra is Om Bhavam Nameh.

I am absolute existence.  I am a field of all possibilities.

As always thank you for coming along on the journey.

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