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Brenè Brown, Imperfectly Perfect Inspiration

Brenè Brown, Imperfectly Perfect Inspiration

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Brenè Brown is an amazing researcher, writer and speaker.

When I started this post the idea was to feature one of her many books, but I couldn’t pick.  So I decided that since her works comprise more than a few of my favorite things, I would just post about HER.   Championing this idea that we need to get real about imperfection, fear, shame and vulnerability and the overarching effect it has on our human experience.  In her words, she has spent the last 16 plus years studying courage, vulnerability, empathy and shame.  What I particularly like about Brenè’s POV is her extensive background in research on these subjects.  She did not start out to arrive where she is now and the results of her research were life changing to her and a gift to the rest of us.  Especially those of us who need to see examples, analyze and find common ground with material.

Brenè learned and teaches that vulnerability is the willingness to be “all in”.  Fear is integral and a normal part of the process.  Owning it, accepting our imperfection and knowing we could be hurt or fail is necessary…and as Brenè puts it brave.

Owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing we will ever do.              ~Brenè Brown

One of the things that attracts me to Brenè is her authenticity.  She walks the talk.  When I’ve seen her speak, mostly to Oprah, and read her books, she is real about being real.  She walks the talk about her own challenges with vulnerability, fear, shame and how her experiences and realizations, in addition to her extensive research, has informed her work.  You get a sense that she probably could have produced much of the same work with just the research but it is her own willingness to tell her own story that is her gift.  Her enthusiasm for the subject of being vulnerable and being brave is infectious.  Brenè’s courage has put her out front and her real and relatable talk about shame, fear and anxiety is making us all a little bit better.

Courage is contagious.  Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little bit better and the world a little braver.       ~Brenè Brown

Brenè’s TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability, is one of the most viewed on YouTube and has over 30 million views.  A must see.  Any one of her books is a must read but I particularly like her take on imperfection in The Gifts Of Imperfection and I Thought It Was Just Me , which explores how we are always asking “what will people think”? And the constant worry that we are OK, and enough.  By the way, we are enough.  Always.

If you have ever skipped something because you were afraid of what people might think, lay awake worrying about what you said and did and how it was perceived.  Felt shame or guilt around your parenting, life choices and interactions with other humans then you just just may find something in her many books and videos.  Especially if you appreciate in-depth research and real life examples.  She is on to something great.  You can find all the Brenè Brown goodness right here!


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